Northern Lights Baltic, Finland, Sweden and Germany 9-Day Tour (From Amsterdam)

The Aurora Borealis in Finland-The perfect place to see the Northern Lights and Santa Claus Village!
Exploring Baltics, Finland, Sweden, Germany cities: Lübeck, Oulu, Helsinki, Rovaniemi, Kuusamo (Lapland region), Kuopio, Turku, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Hamburg
A life journey or a journey to the Arctic Circle is never complete without watching the Northern Lights Aurora. The colourful lights are dancing in the sky, and are often considered as a symbol of Lapland. In winter, when there is no daylight, it is the perfect time for viewing the Northern Lights.
We are going on a journey exploring Scandinavia all you need to see in one journey!
Firebird aurora
Day 1 (19 Nov Saturday)
Amsterdam – Hamburg – Lübeck
Lübeck is located in the North of Germany on the Baltic Sea coast, is the second largest city of German state Schleswig-Holstein.
Lübeck is the Queen of the Hanseatic League! Go on a voyage of discovery through the historic Old Town. Lübeck’s medieval centre was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 1987. This was the first time that an entire Old Town in Northern Europe ever received this award.
The old town still maintains a medieval style, with Brick Gothic architecture and narrow alleyways. If time allows, we may visit the long history Christmas market in Lübeck, a must visit!
Arriving at Travemünde harbour at about 23:00, we will take the Finnmaid from Finnlines to Helsinki, Finland. A special cruise journey!
Day 2 (20 Nov Sunday)
‘Plezier aan zee’ A Fun Day On The Cruise to Finland
A unique and romantic cursing experience with a beautiful scenery sea breeze, islands scattered, close to nature on the the large and modern Star-class vessel Finnmaid. The special over-night sailing experience begins with the cruise ships which are winter-proof and sail the seas no matter what the weather or how thick the ice.
Day 3 (21 Nov Monday)
Helsinki – Oulu
Around 09:00 Finnmaid arrives in Helsinki. The Polar Northern Lights Experience Begins! Our bus will head all the way north, arrive in the evening in the northernmost city of the Europe-Oulu.
Finland’s fourth largest city Oulu is an urban culture, also the unique northern natural landscape portal. The city is located on the coast of the Gulf of Bunia, is a modern business and technology with the Nordic quiet and exotic blend of land.
Day 4 (22 Nov Tuesday)
Oulu – Rovaniemi – Kuusamo (Region of Lapland)
After breakfast at hotel, we proceed to Santa Claus Village beginning Santa Claus fairy-tale! Located in the northern Finnish capital of Lapland, Rovaniemi, instantly you can feel the kindness of Santa Claus, Arctic Circle in the vast snow, Post office, houses lit candles in the night lit up the fairy tale world of ice and snow.
Day 5 (23 Wednesday)
Kuusamo (Region of Lapland) HIGHLIGHT OF THE TOUR!
Kuusamo is located in northeast Finland, less than 40 km from the Russian border. Over the years Kuusamo and nearby Lucca have become one of Finland’s most popular tourist destinations. There are a variety of touristic activities, you can choose to visit reindeer herds, huskies and snowmobiles (at your own expense).
Reindeer herd + Saami culture (€40 / person, about 2 hours)
The Sami Reindeer Market is 10 km from the centre of Luka. Here you can learn about reindeer and feed them personally! Then you can also participate in reindeer sledding activities! At the end of the day you will enjoy hot drinks and barbecues alongside the traditional Sami music in the Sami resident.
Husky sled (€75 / person, about 2 hours)
Siberian clever and healthy Huskies will lead us into the depths of the Polar Regions. After a brief guided tour we will start the husky sled tour. Each sled can take two people, each driving 20 minutes (about 2.5 km). After the end of the Husky Sled Tour, guests can enjoy Sami snacks and hot tea in the lounge. Projects include: traffic, guidance and experience
Husky sled, which is about 35-40 minutes for the Huskies driving experience activities. Depending on the specific weather conditions may be.
Aurora snow motor (100 Euro / person, about 3 hour)
Each group of two persons, will drive the same snowmobile, driving about 10km. You can enjoy the wonderful stars along the way, more opportunity to watch the brilliant Northern Lights! (Note: This project at least 10 people into a group)
Day 6 (24 Nov Thursday)
Kuusamo – Kuopio (Region of Lapland)
After breakfast at hotel, our bus is heading south to Kuopio. Kuopio is located in the hinterland of the Finnish Lake District, surrounded by forests and small islands in the lake, the scenery described as a fairyland. Stay overnight in or around in star hotel in Kuopio.
Day 7 (25 Nov Friday)
Kuopio – Turku
After breakfast at hotel, we are heading to Turku, Finnish Lake City in Jyväskylä and Finnish third largest city of Tampere, after a short break to the west coast of Finland port city Turku. Take the Viking Grace at Vikingline in the evening to Stockholm.
Day 8 (26 Nov Saturday)
Stockholm – Göteborg
Arrive in the early morning in Stockholm, Sweden’s second largest city Göteborg for a city tour, arriving at the port to take the Stena Germanica Stenaline to Kiel, Germany.
Day 9 (27 Nov Sunday)
Kiel – Hamburg – Amsterdam
After breakfast, around 09:00 Stena Germanica arrives at the port of Kiel. Will continue our returning journey to Amsterdam, on the way back will take small breaks to ensure a pleasant journey. Finish another journey with fond memories that last for a life time!
Price : €1050 per person
Price includes: Transportation in luxury tour coach, hotel with breakfast, ferry, local tour guide and your Personal Tour leader.
**Single supplement is €40 per night.
* Excludes : attractions fee, Tip/gratuities for driver €20 p.p for 9 days, Personal Travelling Insurance.
IBAN: NL 74 RABO 0184 36 36 16 Cherry Travel en Tours
Pick up: Victoria Hotel Amsterdam @ 09.30
2nd Pick Up Point in Randstad depends on participants @ 10.30
Looking forward to having an extraordinary Northern Lights journey with you and the group!

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